For Students

Welcome to Del Lago!

Del Lago Academy is a SMART high school option for your future.

Maybe you're not thinking about a career in science, engineering, or math. That's okay. Let's be clear. We are NOT asking you to predict a career pathway at this point in your life. Chances are you're going to change careers many times in your lifetime. We are offering you a hands on learning experience where you get out of your seat and learn about the world around you. This means taking the time in all your classes to go beyond simply learning facts and figures to understanding how people in different careers read, write, think, and work. We ARE taking you seriously as a scholar, and preparing you for success in college and career. Check out this video about students in a school much like Del Lago.

Maybe you're dreaming of becoming a crime scene investigator, sports doctor, physical therapist, engineer, or veterinarian. Or maybe you see yourself as a graphic artist, firefighter, or teacher. What do these professionals have in common? They explore new ideas, develop creative and thoughtful solutions, and make a difference in peoples' lives. Earning a Del Lago diploma means you are ready for college and beyond because you know how to use your mind well, work effectively with others, and take action on your ideas. Join us in 2013.