If you have questions about scholar technology - such as damaged iPads, checking out an internet hotspot or a calculator - please contact Ms. Tardio at 760-291-2570 or email
Scholar iPads
  • 9th Grade Scholars - iPad 8 with keyboard case
  • 10th Grade Scholars - iPad 7 with keyboard case 
  • 11th Grade Scholars - iPad 6 w/keyboard case (keyboard is removable)
  • 12th Grade Scholars - iPad Pro 10.5
An Important Note about 9th & 10th Grade iPads

Your device is covered by an AppleCare plan. If your iPad 7 or 8 is damaged, please bring it to DLA immediately. The first two repairs are free. The deductible for each subsequent repair through Apple is $49. Do not take your device to an outside vendor for repairs. This will void your AppleCare plan, incur costly fees, and we will no longer be able to send it to Apple for repairs under the AppleCare plan.
If you have damaged your iPad and require a loaner, please make an appointment by emailing
Scholars can purchase iPad insurance by contacting our finance clerk, Ms. Mendoza, at 
MiFi Internet Hotspots
Del Lago Academy provides mobile internet hotspots, called MiFis, for scholars who do not have internet access at home. Our current hotspots are the Verizon Orbic, pictured below.
Verizon Orbic Speed Mobile Hotspot

Instructions: How to Log Into your Orbic Hotspot

Coolpad Surf (without touch screen display)
Watch Video: How to find the network password for your Coolpad hotspot
Instructions: How to connect to your R850 MiFi hotspot
ZTE Warp Connect
Instructions: How to connect to your ZTE Warp Connect

Coolpad Legacy S (with touch display)
Instructions: How to connect to your Coolpad Legacy S MiFi hotspot
Verizon Jetpack
Verizon Jetpack
Instructions: How to Connect to your SDCOE Verizon Jetpack
TI-nspire CAS and CX Calculators

TI-nspire CAS calculators were checked out to
scholars in AP Calculus classes for distance
learning in the 2020-2021
school year.

TI-nspire CX calculators were checked out to scholars in AP Statistics classes for distance
learning in the 2020-2021
school year.
Please charge your device by plugging the provided cable into a laptop or desktop, if available. If not, the calculators can be charged via an AC adapter in a wall socket. 
10th Grade iPad Styluses
Scholars in grade 10 have been provided with an iPad stylus (similar to an Apple Pencil) for use in their CTE classes. These styluses are made to work optimally with an iPad 6, but may also work - without some features - with other iPad models.
DLA iPad Stylus Please keep the box (along with all materials); all of these items will be required to check the stylus back in at the end of the year. 
11th Grade Wireless Keyboards

Logitech Wireless Keyboard
Scholars in grade 11 have the option to check out a wireless keyboard for completing YouScience assessments through These assessments require the use of a keyboard. If you do not have access to a laptop or desktop at home, a keyboard was made available. 
Instructions for using your Logitech wireless keyboard. Please keep the box for your keyboard!
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