Industry Mentors

Industry mentors support our scholars in four signature programs.  These programs build from initially providing our scholars with career awareness to ultimately learning on the job with internship mentors.
  • Career Experience Presentations are informal activities held each Wednesday during Advisory.  Industry professionals ranging from video game designers to dentists answer scholars’ questions.

  • Scholars reach out to professionals and then conduct an informational interview with those professionals.  These eMENTORs provide valuable insight into their career journey and an authentic audience for our scholars.

  • Presentation of Learning (POL) Panelists give our scholars priceless feedback on their project work and communication skills.  The Presentation of Learning brochure will be updated for the current school year soon – please check back!

  • Internship Mentors work side-by-side with a scholar for two days a week during a six week period.
DLA InternshipsDLA Internships
Intern Partners
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our career readiness programs may have changed. For more information, please contact Christian Guillen, the College and Career Technician, via [email protected] and he’ll be happy to assist you.