Linked Learning

Linked Learning integrates rigorous academics with career-based learning and real-world workplace experiences. The Linked Learning method ignites high school scholars’ passions by creating meaningful learning through career-oriented experiences. At Del Lago, Bioscience with an emphasis placed on Biotechnology and Healthcare is our pathway. This pathway brings relevance to teaching and learning. It is NOT our intention to limit a scholar’s academic and career interests to only the Biosciences.

In 2009, the National Academy of Sciences identified four societal issues that must be addressed by nations: Feeding the World; Healing the World; Fueling the World; and, Restoring and Protecting the Environment. In their findings, the Academy emphasized the importance of taking an interdisciplinary approach to collaborating and funding potential solutions. Science alone will not solve these problems. We call on our scholars to read, write, think, and behave like scientists, artists, mathematicians, historians, engineers, sociologists, computer scientists, and so many other professions. Preparing future scholars, innovators, and world citizens means thinking beyond a single career path. Our world just doesn’t work that way anymore.