School Site Council

SSC Meeting #4 Minutes - January 9, 2019

School Site Council 

Meeting Minutes 

January 9, 2019 

3:45 pm – 4:45 pm 


  1. Call to order – Ruth Hellams @ 3:50 pm 
  1. Welcome 
  1. Roll call & Introductions 
  1. Present: Lora Beatty, Ruth Hellams, Tyson Smith, Vicki Leiu, Herb Sarnoff, Cole Hanna, Marcella Kuc, Sterling Poretta, Ivan Vergara, Alyse Hamilton, Alejandro Martinez 
  1. Absent:  Nilesh Bhakta, Karen Parker, Francisco Quezada 
  1. Guests: Monica Navarro (DLA Parent Liaison), Tessa Riley (DLA Academic Dean), Joe Muga (DLA parent) 
  1. Public Commentnone. 
  1. Review & Approval of November 6, 2018 SSC Minutes 
  1. Motion to approve: Herb Sarnoff 
  1.  Seconded: Ivan Vergara 
  1.  Approved? Unaminously 
  1. Upcoming Meeting Dates for the 2018-19 School Year 
  1. 2/5/2019 Meeting 5 
  1. 3/5/2019 Meeting 6 
  1. 4/2/2019 Meeting 7 
  1. 5/7/2019 Meeting 8 
  1. The No Mark System – presented by Tessa Riley, Academic Dean 
  1. “NM” term – incomplete, “not yet” 
  1. Philosophy of grading policy – time is our most precious resource, with extra time, all scholars can meet standards, policy allows for more time to complete competencies – revision and redemption – pillar: Never Too Late to Learn 
  1. “grade” term – a reflection of what a scholar knows or can do, must complete each course with a C- or better, below that is a NM 
  1. If a scholar gets a NM – chance to improve score, must get a C- or better for whole class to pass class 
  1. Curriculum designed to ensure scholars are eligible for next year of school/entry to 4-year university/career; priority is that each scholar truly learns/understands each competency, priority is learning, not grades 
  1. Student Success Plan – grade of NM at end of term requires SSP: mandatory tutorial attendance, X-block intervention, other interventions (Saturday school, teacher meetings, work completion); if 2 terms pass (including summer) the grade changes to an “F” on transcript, Last Chance Contracts for when scholars don’t try to clear NM’s 
  1. Whole grading process is very real world, very similar to intervention techniques used in the workplace 
  1. LEARNING is central to our philosophy as a school 
  1. Quality Work Plans - “Be the Best” pillar, used for when a scholar wants to improve their grade, scholars can do this at any time on any competancy throughout the term, available if scholars earn a B or C, but they feel like they can do better (not eligible for scholars with NMs), forms available at the attendance desk, must be approved by each teacher, then scholar and teacher create outline for successful plan, can only raise grade, cannot lower 
  1. Review Course Options – Sequence of Courses @ DLA - handout 
  1. 9th grade: English 9, Math 1, Principles of Biomedical Science/Human Body Systems (each term’s course is considered a year of science by UC system), Exercise & Nutrition 1&2, X-block (elective), Advisory (2 terms) 
  1. 10th grade: Humanities 10 (ELA & World History), Math 2, Biochemistry 1&2 (Physical Science emphasis), Principles of Design 1&2, X-block (elective), Advisory 
  1. 11th grade: Humanities (ELA & US History), Math 3, Biochemistry 2 (Life Science emphasis), Spanish or Spanish Speakers 1&2, X-block (including internship), Advisory 
  1.  12th grade: Humanities 12 (AP English Language & Government/Economics), Math options: AP Calculus, Stats, TCMS, Science options: Medical Interventions & Physics, Spanish 3, or AP Spanish Language), Elective options: Psychology, Advanced Studies, Senior Academic Intervention 
  1. Our curriculum exceeds the UC A-G requirements, makes our scholars more competitive, single pathway – all scholars who graduate can say they took the most rigorous coursework possible, competitive schedule for every scholar = EQUITY 
  1. Open Agenda Item(s) for the next SSC Meeting 
  1. Review District and School Site Goals & Discuss Input on LCAP – item moved to February meeting’s agenda 

Motion to adjourn – Ruth Hellams @ 4:42 pm 

First – Herb Sarnoff 

Second – Tyson Smith 


Next meeting scheduled for: 

February 5, 2019 

3:45 - 4:45 pm 

DLA Administrative Conference Room 



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