Internship Program

As a partner with the intern, mentors have the opportunity to share their personal experiences, their challenges, and their knowledge with Del Lago scholars who are in their junior year.  As a valued partner with Del Lago Academy, mentors are not only investing in the futures of scholars in our community but also seizing an opportunity to leave a legacy for years to come.

This year’s junior internship program begins on February 19, 2019 and will be completed on March 28, 2019.  During this time, each intern completed a minimum of four hours with their mentor every Tuesday and Thursday.  The internships occur off-campus at the workplace of the mentor and the intern’s work hours are determined by the professional mentor.

We believe that education is everyone’s business. Opportunities for learning are everywhere, not just inside classrooms.  Research tells us that we learn best when we are personally motivated.  When we have a passion for what we are doing, knowledge unfolds and evolves naturally.  Internship mentors give each scholar the opportunity to learn from an adult with a similar interest.  The focus on real work in professional settings gives the scholars context and depth for their learning.  Through genuine relationships, mentors teach scholars a work ethic and model what it means to be an adult member of our community.
Internship Cover
Please contact our College & Career Technician, Karen Parker, for more details about our Internship programs. Mrs. Parker can be found in her office in the Admin Building (A214), via email at or phone 760-291-2545.