Sophomore Year

Interdisciplinary Projects (NOTE: Projects differ from year-to-year.)
The San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum is a valued partner at Del Lago.  Our sophomores will apply their deeper understanding of how elements, stars, and planets were formed in order to design traveling museum exhibits for the elementary and middle school students in our region.  Scholars will work with the museum as their client to create a powerful teaching exhibit that meets the museum’s budget, timeline, and learning criteria.

The spring BioDesign project asks scholars to design solutions to help feed, heal, and fuel our world, and at the same time to restore and protect the environment.  The Stanford School Design Thinking model serves as the thinking framework for scholars.  The importance of iteration and problem-solving are the backbone of the project, and industry experts serve an important role in providing scholars with critical friend feedback on their design project throughout the process.


A Del Lago Design Expo serves as the Presentation of Learning for the sophomore year. Scholars hone their “pitch” to potential funders. The Expo is attended by families, community, and industry professionals.


College and Career Connections

Scholars continue building their college and career Naviance portfolio.  They tour local colleges and take a deeper look at their post-secondary options.  During first term, scholars conduct informational interviews with professionals from around the world through our eMENTOR program.  The San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum serves as a client for our scholar design work, and nationally recognized science organizations open their doors for tours and lectures.  Our Sophomores also participate in our Brown Bag Lunch  program with local professionals representing many disciplines.