Mission Statement

Mission and Core Beliefs

OUR MISSION: Preparing future scholars, innovators, and world citizens.

  • Scholars with the academic skills required for postsecondary and global workforce success.
  • Innovators who create solutions to local and global problems through empathy, creativity, and collaboration.
  • World Citizens who are respectful, responsible, ethical, and compassionate.


Personalization: We believe learning is a social process and relationships are important.  Scholars that are known as individuals, challenged intellectually, respected, supported, and connected to their learning will be successful.

Authentic Learning Experiences: We believe scholars who are challenged intellectually by actively exploring real-world problems value their learning and are motivated to succeed.

An Ethic of Excellence: We believe scholars immersed in a school and a community culture that fosters excellence will value their own accomplishments and strive for academic and social excellence.

Skilled Professional Teachers: We believe skilled teachers understand that scholars learn in many different ways. Our professional teachers are very familiar with the learning process, and they use this knowledge to make the course content accessible for diverse learners and to maximize the learning experience for our scholars.