School History

Our Story

In the fall of 2013, Del Lago Academy  ̶  Campus of Applied Science opened its doors to 9th and 10th graders.  The high school in Escondido, California (San Diego County) is built around a village model that served approximately 800 scholars by the Fall of 2016.  Today, DLA is home to around 1,000 scholars.

Del Lago Academy was designed around a core academic program that engages scholars in real-world learning in order to prepare them better for success in college and career.  Del Lago Academy has highlighted four overarching goals for bringing college and career relevance to high school scholars:

1) Bring relevance to the daily curriculum in all content areas
2) Develop habits of work
3) Foster college and career exposure and exploration 
4) Expand scholars’ social networks and access to opportunities

Bridging the school-to-work connection for scholars also benefits local industries in the surrounding community.  The relationships built between industry professionals and scholars orient our scholars toward corporate culture.  These relationships also encourage scholars to develop industry-specific skills which will ultimately lead to the creation of a stronger workforce.