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Meeting 4 - December 4, 2019



I: Welcome

II: Approve Minutes from November 2019 meeting

III: Overview of Del Lago WASC process - Alyssa Wallace presenting

IV: Overview of EUHSD LCAP process - Daniel Barajas presenting

V: Items from the floor/comments


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School Site Council Minutes 

Meeting 3 

Date:  November 6, 2019 

Location:  Del Lago Academy – Principal's Conference Room 

Time:  3:45PM – 4:45PM 


I: Welcome and Attendance - call to order Ruth Hellams @ 3:53 PM  

a.) Present: Ruth Hellams, Lora Beatty, Herb Sarnoff, Cya Coleman, Joseph Muga, Alejandro Martinez, Carol Gomez, Marcelle Rossman 

b.) Absent: Karen Parker, Litzy Sanchez Guzman, Vicki Lieu, Alyse Hamilton, Tyson Smith, Sterling Porretta 

c.) Guest(s): Renee Farrell  

II:  Presentation by Renee Farrell Intervention TOSA – Update on the Intervention/Scholar Tutorial Program  

a.) Just hired 21 more tutors for a total of 40, new additions will be trained and available toward the end of the semester, perfect timing. Senior tutors with open campus will work during 4th period and x-block in addition to tutorials next semester. Junior tutors may volunteer to tutor during X-block as well, will get credit for the class, not volunteer hours. 

b.) Peer tutors are very helpful during Math Nights and extended tutorial nights.  

c.) Tessa Riley, Academic Dean, provided Ms. Farrell with a list of all scholars with 3 or more NMs. These scholars will be paired to an individual tutor and a personalized tutoring schedule.  

d.) Ms. Riley reports that we have the fewest NMs this month than we’ve ever had – peer tutoring has contributed significantly to this decline in NMs. 

e.) Peer tutors submit an availability sheet to Ms. Farrell, who then schedules them according to the tutorial schedule, with 2-3 tutors scheduled per subject/tutorial, more are usually assigned to math and science tutorials. 

f.) Ms. Farrell has been attending the scholar CSATs to check in with teachers regarding scholars of concern, gathering information on scholars who might need to be added to the peer tutoring program. 

g.) The 9th grade teacher teams are planning to identify freshman scholars who are at risk of repeating to make sure they advance to the next grade by creating a personalized NM plan, receive tutoring. Counseling team also contributes to these evaluations. Ms. Farrell will be meeting with these at-risk scholars this week.   

h.) Two of our scholar SSC members (Alex Martinez and Carol Gomez) are tutors in the peer tutor program! They attest that the program is a powerful learning tool for both the tutor and scholar. Ms. Farrell provided physical copies of the DLA peer tutoring program handbook for SSC. 

IV:  Review CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress) data  

a.) Ruth Hellams provided a print-out of the data to all members present which shows the DLA and comparative state data from the SBAC from the 2017-18, 2018-19 school years.  

b.) Only 11th grade data is collected for high schools, it’s a data snapshot of how our 11th grade scholars performed on this test on one day during the school year. We use this data in conjunction with our graduation rate, AP test scores, SAT/ACT test scores, PSAT scores, and other standardized testing.  

Approx. 77% of all 11th graders during the 2017-2018 school year were proficient or higher in English/Language Art. The following school year, 2018-2019, that percentage rose by approx. 3.58%. Compare to the state of CA (57.27%) - DLA was at 77.17% in 2017-18 and 80.75% in 2018-19 for ELA – DLA scores higher and is improving.  

Approx. 40% of all 11th graders during the 2017-2018 school year were proficient or higher in Math. During the next school year, 2018-19, that percentage rose by 2.79%. Compare to the state of CA (32.24%) - DLA was at 40.76% in 2017-18 and 43.55% in 2018-19 for Math – DLA scores higher and is improving. 

c.) An area of concern are the low scores from Hispanic scholars in Math. Our math team has recognized this area of concern and is working toward raising this demographic’s math scores.  

d.) Whether a scholar has an official school designation for a disability is dependent on the family’s wishes, therefor the data may not be accurate reflect this sub-group due to self-reporting.  

e.) 100% of our senior scholars graduated last year. Over 80% of the graduates last year fulfilled the UC system’s A-G requirements.  

V:  Update on Title 1 Parent Meeting (Held in October 2019)  

a.) Requirement to hold a Title I Parent Meeting every year to go over the funding and goals in the SSPSA. We held this meeting in October, had about 12 parents in attendance. No recommendations for change were given by parents at the meeting. We would like to have double that number in attendance next year. 

b.) New bilingual parent liaison has been hired. She will attend the next SSC meeting to update SSC on parent input. We are expecting over 400 applications for the 9th grade for 2020-2021. Currently, DLA is at capacity (800 across all grades) and is not accepting transfers.  

VI:  Approve Minutes from October 2019 Meeting 

None of the teacher members of SSC were able to attend this meeting, therefor we did not have a quorum. We will approve the meeting minutes at the December meeting.  

Motion to approve minutes:  



All approved 

VII:  Items from the Floor  

a.) None. 

Motion to adjourn – Ruth Hellams @ 4:47 PM 

First – Lora Beatty 

Seconded – Marcelle Rossman 

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, December 4, 2019, 3:45PM, Principal’s Conference Room 

Future Meetings: 1/15/20, 2/5/20, 3/4/20, 4/15/20, 5/13/20 








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