No Internet? Content Keeper is Back!

If the internet stops working on your device, you will need to login to Content Keeper again.

A new version of Content Keeper will be sent out your iPads in the next couple hours. Please be sure to login at or if you suddenly lose access to the internet. If you cannot remember how to login, please follow the instructions below.

Logging into Content Keeper:

  1. Open Safari and navigate to or If you get a blocked page that says RESTRICTED with a white background, you are already logged in and can now browse the internet.
  2. If you receive a page with a grey background with a username and password field, please login with the following:
    1. Login: Only the first part of your email address, do not include the
    2. Password: Your ID Number.
  3. Once you’ve successfully logged in, you should see a new webpage with a white background and the word RESTRICTED on it. You are now logged in and can browse the internet.