Pillars of Excellence

While our world-class facilities are extraordinary and offer powerful learning opportunities for our scholars, our school culture makes Del Lago a special place. Building and nurturing relationships among scholars, families, community, and staff is essential to our culture of achievement.  Our pillars are at the core of our success.  They serve as mutual agreements guiding how we work and live together. 

Our pillars include:

  • Welcome
  • Do No Harm
  • Never Too Late To Learn
  • Choice Words
  • Be The Best

They provide us with a framework to proactively and intentionally teach scholars the skills they need to be responsible, respectful, ethical, and compassionate world citizens.  Scholars and school staff work together throughout the school year to gain a deeper understanding of the pillars.  Ask a scholar about our school, and the scholar will describe the importance of the pillars to the learning experience and to our community at Del Lago.